Friday, July 05, 2013

Lambrect Collection up for auction

In recent weeks I have received a comment on my blog, emails, text messages, and even read about this collection on the net.  Arguably one of the most unique collections in the world, considering the low mileage on some of the cars.  The Lambrecht collection is the type that doesn't come around but once in a blue moon.  Owners of Lambrecht Chevrolet in Pierce, Nebraska, the Lambrachts spent many decades collecting more than 500 vehicles. Just when you think all the "barn finds" have been found, a collection like this comes to light. The camera woman is about as shaky as they get, and a voice/personality straight off the Home Shopping Network.

I'm a bit torn on collections such as these.  First off, it makes me sad to imagine a car just sitting for so many years.  To me, each and every car has a personality.  Cars are built to be driven, to be enjoyed, and to create memories.  These cars have simply sat, never used for their intended purpose.  Many, I would venture to guess, my NEVER be used regularly.  Some, with their low miles, will simply be moved to somebody else's collection, where they will continue to sit.  Almost makes me as sad as looking at cars in a junk yard, which while have served well over the years, are now destined for the crusher.  To me, not much separates the 4 mile collector car from the one sitting in the junk yard.

Scores of new Chevys stored for decades undriven finally up for sale

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