Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CCI Driveline


Today I made the trek up to CCI Driveline in Casco, MI.  I had spoke to one of the guys at this year's Detroit Autorama.  I ordered my driveshaft on Monday, with a one day turnaround, though I wasn't able to make it up there until today.  For a little over $330 I got a 3.5" steel shaft capable of withstanding transbrake launches backed by 2,000 hp, plenty for what I'm gonna throw at it.  I was able to meet the owner, Mike Cameron, as well as one of his sons.  This family knows what they are doing, has arguably the best driveshafts in NASCAR, and will be my go to for any future purchases.

Here is a shot from inside their shop where the magic happens.

CCI Driveline
Address: 9568 Marine City Hwy
Casco, MI 48064
Telephone: 586-716-1160 or 586-725-2247
Fax: 586-716-1162  

CCI Driveline

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