Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cleaned up and on the road


My Camaro is FINALLY back on the road.  After a cruise around the neighborhood, she was do for a good washing.  As always, it's a lot later in the season than I had originally planned, as there are only a few big car cruises left over the next few months, but I will be at most of them.  My excuse?  Well, we had daughter #2, Lily Mae, so that pushed everything back a bit.  Now that she's ready to go, I plan to be at both Woodward and Hines Drive this year, and possibly Frankenmuth.  Toss in there a visit to Norwalk Raceway Park in a few weeks, minus the Camaro, to check out some NMCA racing, and the next month or two should be a blast.

I have decided that I'm not going to push that one day at the track this season.  I have too many small items to shore up on the car, some of which I wasn't planning until winter.  Also, the replacement of my shifter cable was intended to shore up an occasional 1-2 shift that sometimes slips.  That wasn't the case, and instead will be freshening up the trans this winter.  Also in the plans are a rocker arm stud girdle, plumbing in my roll control and new brake distribution block/proportioning valve, have the torque convertor cut open and inspected, 5 point harnesses, window net, and push/pull style kill switch. A set of sticky Mickey Thompson's are also on the list.  With all that done, I hope to be ready to bang some gears early in the season.  When I say early, mean EARLY!  Like around the first track day if all goes as planned.

It's been way too long since I've been to the track.  13+ years to be exact!  For a big chunk of that time, the car had sat, awaiting to be put back together.  The rest of that time, well, as stated above, the car just hasn't been track ready.  I hope for all that to change in 2014.  My friend/partner on the 68 Firebird, hopes to have his fully caged 88 Formula ready for the track next year as well.  So we should be able to hit the track two cars strong, until our 68 is finished, then we could possibly be pulling up 3 cars deep!  With a few other friends whom I'm pretty confident I could lure to the track, some good, fun years of racing could be in the near future.






Ready to go!

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