Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Driveshaft installed

After picking up my driveshaft, I battled the mid 90's and high humidity to get some work done on the Camaro.  I hope to have her on the road by the weekend.  I wrapped the rear end fittings with pipe thread tape installed the ones I could, leaving the main plug free so I could see when the fluid level was sufficient.  After topping it off, I installed the plug and fill cap, and everything appears to be leak free.


Next, I was on to installing the driveshaft, a 3.5" monster.  I was a little skeptical how tight of a fit it would be, and removed a portion of my driveshaft loop to make installation easier.  After the rear loop was removed, installation was a breeze, and I snugged up the u-bolts.  I immediately realized that the current position of the loops was going to be an issue, and quickly decided they would need to be removed, new holes drilled, and both loops relocated.  So, out came the interior.

After several hours, the heat started to get to me and I decided to call it a day.  I will get back at it tomorrow, getting the brakes bled, loops moved, and interior back installed.  I have a new shifter cable on the way, to replace the one that seen it's limit of heat.  With a little luck, I will take a short ride either tomorrow of Friday.





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