Friday, March 19, 2010

Engine Update: Cylinder Heads

Called and talked to the shop today, sent them another check. I also found a website for my AFR heads for a good deal. I have decided to go with the bare heads and outfit them with my parts of choice. For one, I'd like to reuse my titanium retainers to help save some weight. Secondly, I'd prefer springs more adapted to the cam I'm running, not some spring that is more generic, good to .750 lift. I'll probably stick with Ferrea valves, as they make a damn nice valve in my opinion.

My steering system sits on the shelf at my buddies house, waiting to be picked up. Once my scuba equipment is ready for pickup, I'll stop by his place around the corner and get the steering out of the way. Aside from some minor odds and ends, the only large purchase that will be left is the brake system. Though hardly an afterthought, as you gotta be able to stop, they will likely be one of the last major purchases before the car sees the road. As it stands, I'm still looking at bringing the car up in June, working on/installing everything I can, and then hopefully have the brake system by July some time. Just in time for the cruise season which will be in full swing by July.


Here are a couple of Pro-Touring websites I came across. Both seem very informative. Some day, much later on down the road, this is probably the course I will take with my 1989 Formula. I've already got a few ideas, such as a lowering kit, Koni's for the back to compliment the ones in the front, upgrade to tubular components, and a more modern powertrain. Not sure if I'll go the full 12 point cage with this car or not, but something needs to be done to solidify this t-top car.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Spring is upon us.

The temps are rising, the snow is melting, and baseball's opening day is just around the corner. For us Hot Rodders, that also means it's getting to be cruisin' season!

With Autorama over, and motivation still running strong, I have high hopes of the Camaro seeing the run this season. I started preparing the garage a few weeks ago. I had never been happy with my "throw together" work bench. I didn't have a square at the time, or a circular saw for that matter. I needed a bench though, so I worked with what I had. When it was all said and done, it's 33 inches out from the wall was WAY overkill. With the shoddy craftmanship, I knew I'd eventually tear it apart and start over.

This past Christmas, my wonderful wife bought me a Craftsman shelving kit and a wall cabinet for a work bench. Not wanting to throw up my new gifts and simply call it good, I got the Sawzall out and pry bars and proceeded to disassmble my bench, saving all the wood for re-use. No sense in going halfway this time around, so I took a trip to Lowe's for insulation and insulated 1/4 of the garage where the bench will go. Next up, OSB board for the walls, allowing me to mount things wherever need be, without worrying about finding a wall stud. A new bench design is in the works, an L-shaped corner bench, 18 inches or so from the wall. A peg board will mount on the wall behind the bench, and another cabinet may be in the future to bookend the other end. I'm not putting a storage shelf under the bench this time, allowing me to store my welder, floor jack, and other things on the floor as opposed to crammed in a corner. I'm pondering some sort of hood over the bench with additional lighting, though that could be added later down the road.

Why the rush to insulate/OSB and build a bench? Well, I have my vacation this year in June. During my time off, the plan is to have the engine ready to go, get my car back up here in the D, and get as much done as possible. Reality is, I can probably get everything ready to go over my vacation aside from perhaps the brake system and maybe the fuel system. If possible, I may reuse the fuel system I got. Since I'm not going to be making the race track this year, due to lack of funds to build a rear end, I can cut a few more corners for another season. Another area will likely be with the carb, which I plan to scavange from my dad's 1970 Challenger. For cruising around, doing the occasional smokey burnout, the 750 race demon should be up to the task.

With a lot of luck, I'll at least be able to fire up the beast for the first time since fall of 2001. Brakes? I don't need no stinking brakes! LOL I'll be sure to document every stop of the way, from the removal of the car cover, trailering her back home, and perhaps a video of the first fire up. 2010 is gonna be one good year, I can feel it.