Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brake install complete

The brake are now complete.  The lines are all installed, after 3 orders from Jegs before I got the correct fittings I needed...a mistake on my part.  I still need to bleed the brakes, and tighten up a few hanging fuel lines.  I took my driveshaft measurements and plan on ordering my custom shaft on Monday. We should be back on the road very soon.



Here you can see one of the tabs I welded on the housing.  Initially, I was having trouble with my welder.  Come to find out, I needed to switch the wire in my mig, which I assume gets hotter.  Once I had the correct wire in place, it melted my axle tubes like butter, fixing the tabs to the tube after the first spark.  At some point later down the road I will clean up the welds with a grinder and repaint it.  It's pretty tight confines and figured I'll drop the housing later on to clean them up with ease.


Hard lines plumbed.

Yeah, that's my car cover/dog bed.


Finished brake installation.

Open lug nuts installed.

Back on the ground for the first time in a long time.  Still dirty as hell, I think I'll wait until I get my driveshaft installed, and can move the car to the middle of the garage before bustin' out the power washer.


Mac said...

Darn, it's been years since you've posted a picture of your dogs! Was this Zeus or Sasha (I maybe mis-remember their names)?


Supersport said...

Sasha is the first one, Zeus the second.