Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Farm Truck - Detroit

I ran across this Detroit version of Farm Truck, from Street Outlaws.  The owner was probably around 80 years old, had never heard of Street Outlaws, and was somewhat surprised by my interest in his truck.  It's cooler than he'll ever know!

2014 Hines Drive Cruise - Best Car Cruise in Metro Detroit

I have to say, the Hines Drive Cruise has become my hands down favorite cruise in Metro Detroit!

2014 Hines Drive Cruise

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Roadkill: Episode 31

Roadkill: Episode 30

2014 Woodward Dream Cruise

For the first time in 4 years, my Camaro missed out on the Woodward Dream Cruise.  Out of the 20 years the cruise has been happening, I have made 19 of them, and my Camaro has made about 10 of those.  I thought this was going to be a trouble free year, with multiple trips to the track.  After one trip, and just one run down the track, it seems a failed roller lifter has ended my cruise/racing season.  I'm hoping I caught the failure early enough so as no damage, other than the failed lifter, has occurred.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a new cam (or possible reground cam), set of lifters, and gaskets and I will be ready to go for 2015.  I may take this minor setback as an opportunity to install the nitrous kits I've had collecting dust for about 15 years.

I didn't allow car troubles to dampen my spirits, and we still made Woodward bright and early.  I rode up with my parents in their 1995 Pontiac Formula, while meeting up with my brother-in-law in his 2014 Challenger Shaker and father-in-law in his 2004 Dodge Rumble Bee.  Fun was still had and memories were still made.  Next up, Hines Drive!

2014 Woodward Dream Cruise

2014 Hines Drive Cruise - 8-24-2014

This year's Hines Drive Cruise has been moved to Sunday, which I think is a good thing, though perhaps I'm biased because I'm off work on Sundays.  I can honestly say that I look forward to this cruise nearly as much as Woodward.  There are very few, if any, cruise strips that can restrict access to only classic cars.  Hines Drive, being a park, is able to do just that.  While not nearly as walkable as Woodward, due to the cars being spread out more and not as dense, I think anybody who sets up their chairs anywhere along Hines will be plenty satisfied staying put in one spot.  Another downside, over the last couple years I have noticed that food venders are scarce, if not non-existent all together.  So, being a park, plan on packing a picnic of bbq-ing on site.  I picked up a Webber portable grill the other day, and will be grilling up some dogs this year and bringing a big cooler.

2014 Cruisin' Hines Drive

Nowalk Raceway Park 2014

Here area few more photos from my day, and single run, at the dragstrip.

Lily-Bug.  You think she's having a good time?

Emma Sue, also having a blast at the track, asking for a Jr Dragster, pink, with Barbie on it.

 Dad and I ready to run.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Woodward Dream Cruise 2014 - My Camaro won't be making the trip

Shit happens, pure and simple.  After making it down the track for the first time in 14 years, even though I had my troubles, I didn't seem to have hurt anything.  I was wrong.  Today, I topped off the tank in preparation of the Dream Cruise tomorrow.  I no more than left the gas station and I heard something was wrong.  Though the oil pressure was fine, the valve lash sounded loose, and a squeal, as if a bearing was failing, was a sure tell sign something wasn't right.

I had already been skeptical that one of the solid rollers may have been failing, after rechecking the valve lash a few days after running down the 1/4 mile.  Fortunately, I was just around the corner from home.  After parking it in the garage, oil pressure was still fine, though the driver side valve cover was obviously louder than the passenger side.  I quickly pulled the cover off, and the rocker I was concerned about had a lot of clearance.  The engine was hurt, and I can only pray that it's not hurt too bad.  As it is, it's parked for the year, and this winter will determine just how hurt it is.  I'm hoping I'm just a cam, lifters, and gaskets away from being back on the road and track ready.  Not the winter I was expecting, as I was hoping to leave the drivetrain alone this winter.

I'm not one to let my misfortune dampen my spirit, and will still be heading to Woodward with family and friends tomorrow.  I will enjoy it just as I always do, but my car simply won't be making the trip.  The downside of making so much hp is that sooner or later, something fails, especially when you push the limits of streetability.