Monday, November 29, 2010

Little Gearhead

Today, I sit in the hospital awaiting the arrival of my first born child. It all started last night as I arrived home from work. Shortly after, my wife comes into the kitchen to announce "My pants are all wet," which was a sure tell sign that her water broke. Like a racer in the staging lanes, we both put on our game faces and got down to business. We packed our "to go" bag in record time, then proceeded to leave the pillows and pair of slippers behind. Hey, considering everything we remembered, I don't think we did too bad.

We arrived at the hospital around 00:30 hrs, and here it is 12 hrs later, still waiting. As a first time father, I can't even begin to describe the anticipation. While I publicly declare I want a boy, truth be told, I'd be just as estatic to discover it's a girl.

So what does this have to do with automotive enthusiasm? It's a passing of the torch, or perhaps sharing of the torch, or even the thought of teaching a little person how to build the torch, fuel the torch, ignite the torch, and how that torch can fullfill that burning desire, that need for speed.

Car restoration, automotive racing, and car shows are all something in which one can share with a child at any age. I have a deep desire to not only race my Camaro, but continue my quest to save other cars, and preserve America's automotive history. I am blessed with the skills and passion to pass along to my child and future children. I often think back to the picture my dad took of me on his 1973 Dodge Charger SE, I wonder if it was that car that instilled the passion in me to this day...long after dad let that one get away. Hopefully, any car I take a picture of with my little tikes on, I won't let get away.

Until next time, when we'll be ridin' 3 deep!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Classic Car Club of America Museum

Located on the same ground as the Gilmore Museum, I just discovered another car museum in Michigan, The Classic Car Club of America Museum. I'm thinking in the coming years, a few road trips with our soon to be born child are in order to some car museums in the great state of Michigan.

The Classic Car Club of America Museum

Ford Model A Museum Planned

The Free Press ran an article a few days ago announcing that the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan will be expanding it's museum to include a portion designated to the Ford Model A.

Ford Model A Museum Planned

The Gilmore Car Museum

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1987 Chevy Caprice with 6.0 from an Escalade

Now these guys got it right! Sounds mean, runs fast, and is about what I'd build.

1980's Chevy Caprice

My infatuation with the 1980's Chevy Caprice continues. I can't really put a finger upon what it is, but I can tell you what it isn't. It isn't the ugly ass, butchered up Caprices I see rolling through the hood. With their Lambo doors, bright colors, and stupid ass 24" rims and 4x4 stance. They really aren't that great of a looking car, but there is just something about them that grows on me. I like the menacing wide 80's style grill, and the tail lights just seemed right during an era when so many were wrong. The interiors were you typical 80's flare, nothing to right home about. Nor were the engines under the hood, which were usually underpowered 305's.

With all that is wrong, I still envision the potential they have everytime I see one. While I don't have a concrete game plan in my head, the jist of it would be:

Lowered, though not dragging in the weeds.
Nice set of rims and tires, in the 17-18" ballpark.
Removal of most of the chrome/stainless crap, aside from the bumpers.
Lastly, a solid powertrain consisting of either a big block chevy, or possibly of the LS series of engines. Maybe even a 6 speed tossed in for good measure.

I just feel that so many of these cars get the hack job treatment, and you seldom see one "done right" in my opinion. How about even a Pro Street or Pro Touring example? Recently I saw such an example, but it was the first one to date in my memory.

Here is a shining example, though I don't dig the 50's theme and pinstrips, the flat black I could live with...though the hood scoop ruins it for me. Still, this one is a lot closer to what I'm thinking than most examples on the road.