Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meguiar's Top 10 Car Detailing Tips.

Found this very helpful Top 10 list in the pages of Chevy High Performance Magazine.

10. Contaminants are continually landing on your paint finish whenever your car is driven or parked outside. Many contaminants can bond or etch into your paint finish in less than a week. For 100% protection and a "just detailed" appearance every day, keep a bottle of a quick spray detailer and clean microfiber towels in your car at all times for quick and easy removal of fresh contaminants before they do damage.

9. Swirl marks are microscopic scratches, primarily caused by harsh or contaminated application/wipe-off clothes or abrasive cleaners, polishes, and waxes. To prevent swirl marks, use only foam or cotton terry cloth applicators and either 100% cotton, deep-pile terrycloth, or premium microfiber towels for wiping off with nonabrasive formulations.

8. The durability of any car wax varies widely depending on the environment and how often your car is driven or parked outdoors. When your spray detailer becomes slow to wipe off, it's time to rewax.

7. Polishes that boast of cleaning action or protective qualities should be avoided because they are not pure polishes that produce optimum gloss.

6. Abrasive compounds and cleaners are dangerous and should never be used on clearcoat paint finishes. To guard against scratching, only use nonabrasive cleaners and compounds to remove below surface stains, blemishes, and oxidation.

5. After washing your car, rub the back of your hand across it's top surface. You will quickly feel bonded contaminants that must be removed with a clay bar before clear gloss and lasting protection can be achieved.

4. When washing your car, always work from the top down to prevent scratching your paint with more abrasive contaminants from the lower sections of your car.

3. Dishwashing detergents should never be used on paint finishes. Only use dedicated carwash shampoos and conditioners to wash your car.

2. Unless otherwise directed, "show car perfect" results are best achieved when all five of the following steps are performed in the shad and to surfaces that are not hot.

1. Five basic steps for restoring and maintaining your paint finish:

- Wash. This removes bonded contaminants on your paint finish.

- Clean. This removes bonded contaminants, stains, blemishes, scratches, and oxidation before polishing or waxing.

- Polish. This is the optional step for creating perfectly clear reflections on black paint finishes and other dark colors.

- Protect. Form a barrier of waxes, polymers, silicones, and resins on top of your paint finish to protect it from the elements.

- Maintain. The missing link between washing and waxing is the regular use of a spray detailer to keep your car looking like it was just detailed.