Monday, December 28, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Chevy Volt: Song and Dance

Not sure what era such marketing WOULD have worked, but I know for sure it wasn't this era.

The song and dance:

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

What a 9 second Camaro looks like

Surfing youtube, I came across a 9 second Camaro. Ironically, it's color appears pretty close to the Prowler Purple sprayed on my car. Regardless, I should be in the 900-1,000 hp range, which should make it a solid 9 second car. I can't believe how fast the car disappears into the horizon!

Parts Collecting Progress

Though I haven't got around to posting about it, I am slowly but surely beginning to collect parts in order to get the Camaro back out by next summer. A couple of months ago I ordered a set of tail lights. While it may seem like a rather small investment, that set of RS tail light lenses set me back nearly $200, and took nearly a month to arrive due to being on back order.

Next purchase I wanted to keep on the lower end, with Christmas approaching and all. I got my composite distributor gear outta the way, along with cam button and lock plate. That set me back another $125.

I'm honestly running out of non-engine purchases. Off the top of my head, all that is left is the brake kit, steering box, windshield, and a few gauges. After that, it's all engine components, most of which I will be buying through the engine shop once I take it to them.

Sadly, some sacrifices had to be made in order to make getting the car on the road this year a realistic goal. I'm holding off on the few body fixes that need to be taken care of. Though the most significant mods put on hold are the rear end and suspension upgrades. Without a beefier rear, the car will have to go without sticky tires, as well as any trips to the track in 2010. I can live with that, as the joy of taking the car to cruises and shows will more than make up for it. As for the body, well, I drive my stuff hard, had stone chips on the 1/4 panels and front valence the first few weeks after the car was repainted. I'm sure I can live with a few blemishes for another year.

Once the tax return money arrives in 2010, the show really gets started, as the AFR heads are first on the list to be ordered up! That, will be the breaking point, getting the largest/most expensive purchase on my list outta the way. These heads flow an enormous amount of air, nearly 400 cfm on the intakes and 315 cfm on the exhaust, they are no joke! They will truly be the lungs that give my beast the power goals I'm aiming for.

My next purchase, after Christmas, will likely be my brake setup. So far, I'm leaning towards a Wilwood Dynolite system. Stay tuned for updates and progress.