Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Camaro: First Fire Up of 2014!

Camaro Update: 5-20-2014

It's been awhile since my last update, and not because I haven't been working on the car.  I simply haven't had time to upload the pictures and provide updates.  The good news is, I fired her up today, with open headers, and I have video!  I still have a short list of items to get it ready for the track, and a VERY short list before it's ready for the street.  I'm not sure how the sound will be, considering open headers inside a garage are loud as hell. But, the video will be uploaded and ready to view shortly.

Roadkill: Episode 28

Not one of the more entertaining episodes. I was slightly amused by the bungee chord doors on the bug at 19:32. Obviously needed after the doors flew up prior to that.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Frickin Right!

Careful, those Canadians have some mouths on them. If you're gonna listen at work, keep the volume down, and be prepared to laugh your ass off!

Here's a new way to piss off your neighbors!

Camaro Update: 5/6/2014

Since my last update, I haven't accomplished much.  I do have the gas tank back in place and mounted, along with fuel line clamps on the frame.  Unfortunately, the fuel line was now too short, so new line was required.  I made what was hopefully one of my last orders to Jegs today.  Push-lock fuel line, a new trans cooler, and MSD vibration mounts, to replace the missing mount I lost probably a decade ago.  This week, my parents will have our girls, and I will have a few days to get back in the garage and knock out a lot. I may even be real close to firing up the engine and testing out the transmission.  Most of the list is little stuff, the most time consuming probably being cutting and modifying the driveshaft loop to provide better clearance.