Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Detroit Autorama - March 7-9 2014

Just a friendly reminder, THE Detroit Autorama is just over a week away!  The show hours are as follows.  Stay tuned for complete show coverage following the weekend of the show.

March 7th - 12p-10p

March 8th - 9a-10p

March 9th - 10a-8p

2014 Detroit Autorama

Friday, February 21, 2014

Roadkill: Episode 25

Yet another awesome episode. The name "Macho Grande" is perhaps the BEST nickname for a vehicle ever. I can't help but laugh every time I here it. I initially assumed that the nut flying off the back of the "General Mayhem" at 30:09 was staged.  Then, I realized what I was watching, and concluded that a nut did likely unintentionally fall off the car. Throwing the El Camino into park to slow down?  Come on man, you know better!  The crusher Camaro I've been following since it's initial build back in the 90's, and played a major role in my purchase of my 69 Camaro.  So much so, that had I not read that article, I'm not even sure I would have bought an old car back then.The Slowpar may have nearly been the slowest of the bunch, but I would still take it over any of their other cars they ran...except MAYBE the Crusher, as I hold a soft spot in my heart for that old car.  Good job guys, keep up the awesome work!

Challenger Update - 2/21/2014

Looking through my blog, I realized I haven't touched by dad's '70 Challenger since November 2012.  Having kids, and most notably a newborn, has that effect on car projects I've found.  That said, the time has come to start pushing dad to get this car back on track.  I've changed my thinking regarding the engine, but the pro-touring theme for the car will continue.

The engine, as opposed to a 400 stroked to 500 ci, has been downsized to a 451.  After reading about such a stroker, I was sold.  For one, the rod to throw ratio is much better, leading to much longer durability from less side thrust.  Also, with the 500, I was venturing down the same road as I did with my Camaro.  Horsepower would have easily been more than we wanted or desired. I know, I know...I can't believe those words came out of my mouth either.   As it is, this aluminum headed 451 should easily be in the 500-550 hp range, and rev insanely fast to around a 6,500 redline.  All while hopefully obtaining 13-15 mpg highways with a 5 speed manual.

I almost have the engine build down, and hope to get my proposal to my engine builder in the next few weeks.  Hopefully I can get dad to also order his Reilly Motorsports front suspension and Wilwood braking system, so we can get the front of the car back together and ready to go.  With some luck, we will have a running/driving car ready for body work by next winter.

Camaro Update: 2/21/2014 - More parts arrived

AFR - Airflow Research 6723 - AFR CNC Engraved Aluminum Valve Covers 

 Another shipment of parts arrived the other day, including my sweet looking AFR black powder coated valve covers. I also got a new flexplate, bolts, and a few other small items. In addition, my AFR stud girdle nuts are on the way from California, so I can tie the studs together and not worry about those 7,200 rpm shifts.

I shipped my Coan converter out to Coan a couple days ago, and should be hearing from them soon as to whether or not it needs anything beyond a flush and inspection after being cut open.

I've not had a chance to actually work on the car really, but all the parts will be ready to go, so when I get a few days, I should be able to make some serious progress.  My goal is to have the transmission back together by the end of March, tackling a little at a time.  Once complete, the engine, torque converter, and trans will all be ready to drop in. After that, everything else is a cake walk.  My furlough this year is in June, and my plan is to have this car on the road, bug free, and ready to race.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Old Italian mechanic finds, and restores, the first Porsche ever built!

This short documentary is amazing!  While I know little about any of these cars, I share his passion, just in a different way.

Friday, February 14, 2014

1963 Ford Galaxie (lightweight) Racing in Australia: 2011

This is one of the baddest race videos ever!  That 427 sounds angry!

Camaro Update - 2/14/2014: Transmission Tear Down

Here is the complete tear down of my TH400 transmission out of my Camaro.  The case is now empty, and the next step will be start disassembly of the clutch packs, cleaning, and reassembly. Everything went smoothly, and nothing seemed to show unusual signs of wear, but some did show wear and in need of replacement.  I took a trip today to National Parts Depot and picked up a few odds and ends, such as carpet, radiator hoses, and frame engine mounts.  I've been running small block mounts on the frame, not realizing that they position the engine differently.  It's getting that time of the year where I need to pick up my pace, so look for more frequent posts in the next few months.  Also, Detroit's Autorama is less than a month away, and that is always a high motivator for me.























Monday, February 10, 2014

Camaro Update: 2/8/2014


I started draining the trans fluid out of my trans the other day. The fluid looked ruby red, didn't smell burned, and I was starting to wonder whether or not it really needed gone through.  Those hesitations didn't last long, as once I dropped the pan, I knew I had made the right decision.  It looked like the clutches and steels had took their share of abuse over the years, and a new set was a good idea.


I got creative with some scrap wood in order to drain most of the fluid.  I had forget how heavy these damn things were.  I think the 150 lbs that I've read is a conservative estimate.

Pan off and filter dropped.

The pan wasn't bad, but as you can see, there were obvious signs of wear.  I will rest easier knowing that the trans was rebuilt.

Ready to tackle the tear down, and probably buy a few tools and a press in order to complete the process.

 Here is the Hughes rebuild kit, awaiting installation.

Thursday, February 06, 2014

2014 Corvette Stingray "Machine"

This is one of those commercials that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  One that gets your blood pumping, and adrenaline flowing.

You need a machine
A machine that lives and breathes
Something you don't start
Something you awaken
and then believe in
Define the line
To thread the needle
Something engineered to respond in an instant
To adapt and react
You need a machine
So sharp, that if you had to make a snap decision, right now, between heartbeats
It would deliver
Meet your machine

2014 Super Bowl: Most American Car Commercial - Imported from Italy

The Fiat Chrysler commercial was without question, the most American car commercial during the Super Bowl.  The last few years, Chrysler has nailed it with their Super Bowl commercials, and this one did not disappoint.  That said, it's not an accident that they are pushing the American theme at a time when they are solidifying themselves as a Foreign/American manufacturer.  I love our Ram, and would likely HIGHLY consider another Ram when it's time for a replacement.  Possibly even one with their Italian built diesel engine.  So here it is, starring Bob Dylan in the most 'Merican commercial of the Super Bowl.