Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More important things in life.

This past Saturday was the Gratiot cruise in Roseville. Normally, my family, my in-laws, and my parents would be there in full force checking out the cars. This is the first Gratiot cruise I've missed in probably 6 years, and the first my in-laws have missed in probably a decade or more.

Instead, we were at home bbqing for all those folks, celebrating father's day a day early.  You see, my wife was literally days away from her scheduled c-section, and our daughter was already trying to claw her way out.

I write this as I sit here in pre-op, watching my wife preparing to deliver us another beautiful girl into this world. There will be plenty more cruises, plenty more car shows, and days at the track. There is nothing more precious than having family to share those experiences with. Instilling cars, racing, and road trips into their lives at an early age, and providing my wife and I with memories to last our lifetime.

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