Thursday, May 10, 2007

Challenger R/T values at insane levels

I haven't wrote an entry in quite awhile now, so I figured I'd drop in for a few. Nothing really to update in terms of progress on my Camaro, as my house continues to take priority in life. My wiring harness continues to sit on my workbench in the basement, as does my rear window, awaiting cleaning and preparation for installation, though that is about the extent of my progress.

Something I don't believe I've mentioned that happened over the past month was I sold my 1970 Challenger R/T. The good news is I sold it to my dad, so I'll not only be the one who does most of the work, I'll get to see my project through to completion, as well as be able to drive it when it is complete. I gave my dad a pretty damn good deal on it, though it all kind of equals out considering how much they've helped me out in life, and always been there when I've needed them.

After the title was switched over he called for insurance. I had the car covered for what I had in it, not it's true value. Considering I have had it in storage now for 5 or 6 years, I simply never got around to adjusting the insured value. I was truly shocked when my dad calls to inform me that he insured it for $30,000, and the agent told him that $35,000 is the book value for the LOW END cars! Now granted, depending upon what options you have, the sky is the limit for the upper values, my old Challenger will be higher than the low end, as my restoration are very meticulous. I'd estimate a realistic value of $45,000-$50,000 if we keep the 383. If I convince my dad to drop a 426 hemi in it, that value will shoot up close to $100,000. Part of me would love to see a hemi in it, yet the other half of me knows that perhaps if my dad did install a hemi, he'd sell the car, since it would be worth so much.

I'll update the project plans as they come about, but you know my track record, so don't be holding your breathe waiting for updates. The Challenger will likely see the road well before my Camaro now, but even then, we're probably looking at a good 2 year restoration. Aside from the ride height, the car will appear stock on the outside, as well as the inside. The under carriage and powertrain will both be updated however for better power and performance. I'll update any progress that is made.