Friday, April 16, 2010

Short Block complete

Got a call from Tico yesterday, my shortblock is assembled and ready to go. I ordered up my AFR heads yesterday, which take 3-4 weeks to get. I went the bare head route so that I can both reuse some parts I have, as well as pick parts specifically for my setup. At this point, I'd say the project is well ahead of schedule in regards to the engine. I should have no problem picking it up by June, and May is probably much more likely. My furlough starts in mid June, and I should be off for nearly a month. During that time I plan on getting the car up here from my parent's home. Though I'm cutting a few more corners, there are still some costly items I need to purchase, such as a fuel system and brake setup. I may reuse the current calipers, run new lines, and install a new master cylinder and proportioning valve. That way I could save some cost, and upgrade to larger calipers and rotors next year.

June/July is still looking very realistic in terms of the car hitting the streets!