Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Camaro Update: 11-11-2014

Since my last blog, I have managed to remove my engine from the Camaro. The damage is fairly minimal thus far, but the damaged roller lifter did damage the bottom of the lifter bore, requiring it to be sleeved.  That's ok though, as it will allow use of larger body roller lifters.  I will be switching to the bushing style lifter, as their added durability seems worth the price, even if it is more than double.  I highly doubt the car will be back on the road in 2015, which on a brighter note, will allow me to finish off all the small things that I've never got around to finishing/fixing.

Among the items I wish to finish are as follows: Trunk carpet, nitrous system, sound system, new brake lines, gauge cluster, interior items/upgrades, fuel tank pickup/sending unit, window net, trans shield, and other safety items required for the track.  While I pondered going with a 540 short block, I simply can't justify the cost at this time, nor would I ever get the wife's permission!  So, I have chose to fix what I got, and go the bushing style/larger bore roller lifter.  If I do ever get that 540 block, I can get it setup for the larger lifters, and all of the upper end will transfer from my 454 block.

I've been dragging my feet lately, but hope to get back on track in the next few weeks while on my furlough.  I can't promise major progress, as I won't be purchasing much, if any, parts for install.  That said, my roll control and nitrous kit are both complete (minus a nitrous plate) and ready for installation.   Until next time!



















Roadkill: Episode 34

Monday, September 29, 2014

Solid Roller Lifters - The Truth

As previously stated, my engine experienced a solid lifter fail a few weeks ago.  I got around to pulling the engine apart last week, as I at least wanted to see how severe the damage appeared.  It seems to be confined to just one solid roller, thus far.  I plan on pulling the engine all the way down, at the very least, clean it, and reassemble with new lifters.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I caught it early enough that the damage was minimal.  As you can see from the pictures below, the roller on the right seems to have either taken a pounding, of the finish began coming off.  After a bit of research, I found an excellent article addressing solid roller failure, and it seems metal fatigue was likely the cause of my roller failing.

I hope to have the engine out and completely disassembled within the next month or so, assess the damage, and go from there. I still plan on running a solid roller, I just have a much better understanding of their life span, and what to look for.  Here is the article I found, and what has convinced me that a bushing style roller is the way to go.

Solid Roller Bearings - Bushings or Needles, Which is Better?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Time to assess the damage

Ok, I think it's getting to be about that time.  After realizing one of my lifters had failed, it pretty much took the wind out of my sails this season.  I still made Woodward the next day, and was still motivated to get the family out to Hines Drive.  A family virus running through the family kept us from Frankenmuth's Autofest, and then just like that, BAM! Fall was here, temps had dropped into the low 60's for day time highs, and cruise season was over.

The car as sat, without much attention other than sitting inside it with my 1 year old yesterday.  That is about to change.  The other day, a local repair shop owner had his ride out front of his business.  Not just any ride, but a 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury, with a 498 ci big block mopar, huge tubs out back, and everything needed to run low 9's.  It made me a bit jealous, as he prepped his car for Milan this Sunday.  It was also that little nudge I needed to get my shit together, and at least start getting things ready to begin this winter engine rebuild.  I'm hoping that next week I can start wrenching on it, and perhaps at least get the intake off and see just what kind of damage we are looking at.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Farm Truck - Detroit

I ran across this Detroit version of Farm Truck, from Street Outlaws.  The owner was probably around 80 years old, had never heard of Street Outlaws, and was somewhat surprised by my interest in his truck.  It's cooler than he'll ever know!

2014 Hines Drive Cruise - Best Car Cruise in Metro Detroit

I have to say, the Hines Drive Cruise has become my hands down favorite cruise in Metro Detroit!

2014 Hines Drive Cruise