Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Water pump installed, wiring harness unraveled, torque convertor bolted up.

Today I got some additional work done on the Camaro. I started out by cleaning up the water pump bolts, cleaning the water pump, and installing it on the engine. I located some teflon tape in my toolbox, so I avoided a trip to O'Reily's.

After the water pump I figured I'd bolt the torque converter to the flex plate. Upon crawling under the car, I realized the bolts I thought were for the converter were actually some extra bolts I had for the flex plate. I looked through my box-o-bolts, and couldn't located anything that would work. I instead concentrated on the wiring harness and figured I'd take a walk to the nuts and bolts store in a bit.

The wiring harness wasn't nearly as bad as it looked in the picture. Once I got the main splits separated, it all started to sort itself out. Soon I had it organized enough that I placed the fuse block in the car and ran the main leads to the trunk and under the hood. What was left should be easy enough to figure out, its basically the steering column harness, ignition, low/high clicker for the lights, and dash power. Not much else left to figure out. I do need to re-solder all the lights in the front, as I simply cut the harness...I must have been in a hurry.

After a trip to the nut and bolt shop I crawled back under the car and bolted up the converter. After that I decided to start cleaning up the hood hinges and gas tank with a wire wheel to prepare them for paint. I also sprayed down the steering box and checked the lines I had for fitment. I was happy to find what I have will connect fine. I'll double check to see whether this more modern box requires a different pump or not. If so, I will likely need new lines. Tomorrow I hope to mount the steering box, perhaps work on wiring up some of the electrical, and get some paint on that tank and hinges.

I go back to work on Monday. I hope to have the brake calipers on, rotors cleaned up, and hood on the car by then. If I can get all that done, I'll be sittin' good.

This is the mess I started with.

Engine bay/front light harness.

The harness looks much cleaner/manageable once I got the front and rear feeds out of the way.

Tail light harness.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The King has his crown.

Today I ventured out in the garage and knocked out a few quick/easy things. I got the carb mounted, which entailed a trip up to my neighborhood screw/nut/bolt store. Let me just say, I have perhaps the best fastener store around within walking distance. I already told them upon my first visit the other day "Expect to see me a lot more often." I've been there 3 times just this week. Once my car is on the road, and things get a bit more organized, I'm going to buy an assortment of fasteners from them and an organizer, so I always have a healthy supply of odds and ends handy.

After the carb was in place, I cleaned up the air cleaner assembly, getting it at least half way respectable. Then I used my K&N recharge kit to clean and oil my air filter. After that I got the water pump cleaned up, though realized I didn't have any liquid teflon for the bolts, so that'll get installed tomorrow. I slid under the car to install the starter and quickly realized the new oil pan was gonna cause problems. Luckily, my starter I have is highly customizable in regards to mounting positions and I was able to get it fitted and mounted.

I went to assemble the air cleaner and found that the stud was from the Challenger, and much too short for my tall air cleaner. Another trip to my new favorite shop had me back in business, and the King was crowned. To end the day, I got up in the attic and brought down my exhaust system. I had painted it up a few years ago, after leaking trans fluid had taken it's toll on it's natural silver color. It wasn't exactly the kind of patina I was going for, so some high temp black was sprayed on them.

Tomorrow I hope to get the water pump mounted, MSD box and coil mounted, take a look at my stock gas tank and make sure it's sufficient. I should be able to knock all that out pretty quickly, so maybe then I'll start to untangle the wiring harness and at least get it layed out in the car. The "to do" list is growing shorter by the day!

Engine awaiting accessories.

Tilton high torque mini-starter, thankfully with numerous mounting positions.

Parts borrowed from dad's Challenger...temporarily on loan. Plan is to go with an 800 Demon, new MSD box, and perhaps another Blaster 2 coil. Hopefully by next season.

K&N Filter recharged with fresh oil.
Barry Grant 750 Race Demon installed.

Edelbrock aluminum water pump, pre-cleaning.

Water pump post-cleaning. Need some liquid teflon for the bolts before it can be installed.

After a trial fit of the starter I found it wasn't going to bolt up without hitting the pan.

I had to unbolt the starter from the mounting plate and use an alternate bolt pattern. My new kickout style oil pan kicked out a bit too far, interfering with the starter relay.

Starter installed.

The King has his crown, and aint it beautiful?

I brought the exhaust down from the attic. 3 inch Flowmaster 2 Chamber race mufflers. Needless to say, they were loud before, they'll be louder now.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Downriver Cruise Coverage

The 2010 Downriver Cruise was yesterday, and I'd have to say it was nothing short of amazing. A few things made the cruise more enjoyable than the Gratiot cruise. One, it is significantly larger in size. Secondly, there is much more cruising as opposed to parking at this show. Lastly, perhaps most importantly, law enforcement seem very flexible down there, allowing people to do responsible burnouts in the street without any troubles.

I was skeptical of what turnout would be yesterday, as the day kicked off with cloudy skies with the threat of storms. We headed down about 2 pm, to blue skies and a bright sun. We walked a lap around the south end of the cruise, then set up shop along the curb and sat for another 3 hours or more. With a little money and a lot of luck, my Camaro will be ready come Woodward in August. Be sure to click the link at the bottom to view nearly 400 pictures from the cruise.

Additional proof that this was the Downriver Cruise, in case there was any doubt.

I knew somebody who had a Dodge D100, though this was seemed a few years older.

2010 Downriver Cruise

Friday, June 25, 2010

Downriver Cruise 6-26-2010

Just a heads up, the 2010 Downriver cruise takes place tomorrow, June 26 on Fort St from Outer Drive south to Sibley. This show is significantly bigger than the Gratiot Cruise, at nearly 7 miles long. It's been some years since I've attended this cruise, but I can only guess that it's grown since my last visit. I'll be there with camera in hand.

2010 Downriver Cruise

Engine installed, drivetrain complete

Yesterday I finished installing the engine in my Camaro. To say it was a breeze would be a lie. First off, an engine installation goes much more smoothly when you have two people involved. Secondly, nothing makes a gearhead more nervous than watching about 1,000 lbs dangling over the front nose of their prized possesion. Crossing that threshhold has always made me nervous. After a lot of leverage, repositioning the trans with a jack under the car, jacking up the car so the cherry picker would clear the underbody, the engine was finally in place.

I am very happy with the oil pan Tico Race Engines chose. Not only does it fit perfectly, now well protected above the crossmember, the pan just plain looks badass! After the engine was installed, I jacked up the car, finished tightening the bolts holding the trans/crossmember in place. Lastly, I bolted in the driveshaft. With that, the drivetrain is in place and complete.

Dad brought up the Demon carb off the Challenger, along with my MSD 6AL box and Blaster 2 coil...temporarily on loan. :) Next, I will start buttoning things up, such as installing the above components, the starter, water pump, steering box, etc. After that, I will have to order up a brake master cylinder, lines, a windshield, and a few odds and ends to get her back on the road.

Though still inconvenient to store, a fold up engine hoist..aka cherry picker, is the only way to go.

This is how much space the monster would consume if it were not a fold up hoist. There is a reason back in the day when I'd borrow somebody's hoist they were in no hurry to get it back.

Engine, meet Trans.

My feeble attempt at preventing trans fluid from leaking out the tailshaft. Mark my words, this is the last time I do an engine install without either an extra yoke or plastic dummy plug. What you see down the page is Lake Dextron III all over the garage.

Check out that sweet ass pan!

What fun is an engine installation without creating an oil slick on the floor? It's amazing I didn't end up on my ass in a puddle of trans fluid. I came close, more than a few times.

Point of no return, nervous as hell.

The pulling, prying, and praying begins.

You can stare at it all day, but it won't find it's way onto the mounts by itself.

Kinda looks like one of those Rat Fink shirts don't it? Just need a shifter coming out the roof.

One side in, a little more prying, pulling, and shoving...

...and the other side is bolted in.
Thank you for your services!

First wheel stand with the new engine in place.

Lookin' good!

One final touch.

Driveshaft in place.