Monday, March 05, 2012

New Garage Art

As has become tradition, I picked up some new garage art at this year's Detroit Autorama. In addition to the items I bought below, I snagged a few new posters for the walls.

I couldn't pass up this stamped "MADE IN DETROIT" piece, as it was the first I had seen.

I've been eying this piece for a few years now. Had they not sold out of the Sinclair neon clocks, I probably would have held off another year. After the fact, I'm kind of glad they were out of the neon clocks, as this is a more original piece in my opinion.

So another Autorama passes me by without getting some long desired neon for the garage. I can always find something online. I just need to decide what I want, as I want something that's a center piece, so as I don't end up going neon crazy in the garage. Ok, ok...maybe ONE nice neon sign, and ONE nice neon clock....after all, ya gotta have a clock in the garage, right?

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